How to use Jetson Nano driver WM8960

I want to use NANO emmc version module to drive WM8960, my pin settings are as follows:
How can I modify the code of the module to make the module play music?


There are some high-level notes for adding support for an audio codec in the Jetson audio documentation.
Have you added support for a new codec to a Linux based platform before? If you have not then per the above audio section we recommend …

When you choose an audio codec to use with a Jetson device, be sure that:
•It is hardware-compatible in terms of functional pins (I2S, DMIC, etc.), GPIO, power, and clocks required to support the codec.
•It is compatible with the Jetson I2S interface (sample rates, sample sizes, frame formats, etc.).
•A Linux kernel driver is available for the codec
•ALSA examples are available for it to show how to configure its audio routing and general setup. Configuring the audio routing can be the most complex part of integrating an I2S codec.

If you are not familiar with the codec and the Linux driver for the codec, then configuring the codec can be complex. It is always worth consulting the vendor of the codec to see if they have examples for how to configure the codec.


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