How to use kdump on AGX Orin

Dear nvdia teams:
I want to use kdump to grab kernel panic stack information. Please help confirm how to use the kdump tool.
Default configuration:
kernel version: 5.10.104-tegra
tegra_defconfig: CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP=y
As you can see, kdump is enabled by default. But there is no information in the / var/crash directory when it crashes.

I haven’t used those tools in years, and not with a 5.x kernel. However, it is very likely you need to know about the Magic SysRq feature. The following was related to using sysrq, although in a different context:

This is related, and might be the addition to the above which you need:

Note that not all sysrq features are implemented on every o/s, and some may not even be enabled without a setting in “/etc”, but here is a more general list of sysrq information:

Note that either key bindings or an echo of the right value to a file in “/proc” will trigger the bindings which are active. Various kernel information dumps will be available depending on architecture and o/s.

We have checked and confirmed this is not supported on Jetpack 5.1. Will evaluate to support it in future release.

It’s really good news. anticipate your next release;

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