how to use LVDS Display to NVIDIA TX1


Am working on NVIDIA TX1 Board , the board came without display…so i have LVDS Display with me…whether can i able to interface LVDS to DSI with any converter.? please suggest me the best method to connect the LVDS to DSI in NVIDIA TX1…

Am new to this .please help me regarding this.

Niranjan B

I do not know of a specific adapter, but using LVDS to HDMI is probably the easiest way to go. You could also convert to DSI or eDP. Direct LVDS would be a difficult problem. Perhaps someone who has added such an adapter can comment on the best way to approach this.

You need to add a DSI to LVDS converter, something like this, hope someone has experience on this.


Thanks for the link, Trumany.

This topic would be beneficial for a lot of developers.

Appreciate if you can confirm these up, so that there won’t be any ambiguity.

  1. The DSI output is already configured in the Linux Kernel. No software level configuration needs to be done.

  2. Using the SN65DSI84 DSI to LVDS bridge IC, the LVDS LCD Display can be connected to the TX1. No software level configuration needs to be done.

It would be really great if you can clear these two issues.


Hi NipunaVega,

For DSI output, sure no need to do driver change, as the PHY is same. But there should be some control logic settings from host to sn65dsi84 chip which might need to get from datasheet or vendor.