How to use metadata in gstreamer plugin nvvivafilter

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I wana use nvivafilter and nvsample for a processing application
In the sample you have wrote a funcation named
static void add_metadata(void ** usrptr)

And in the iva_metadata.h file is defined some metadata varible

typedef struct _location_t Location;

struct _location_t
int x1, y1;
int x2, y2;

typedef struct _bbox_t BBOX;

struct _bbox_t {
unsigned int framecnt;
unsigned int objectcnt;
Location location_list[NUM_LOCATIONS];

Right now,i wanna know how i can use the metadata in the gstreamer Main looper
For example ,how can i get the metadata in main gsteramer loop launcher??
May you help me??
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Which platform and JetPack you’re using? Thanks

The callback function is for private usage and not open for public. A possible solution is to use global variables. Please refer to this topic:
New Features for nvivafilter - #8 by DaneLLL

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