How to use mount such as s3 or redirect url in Nucleus

Hi every one. I see the Nucleus can mount . But I don’t know how to use it S3 or redirect url. Can anyone provide some info? Thanks~

Hello @clik_deng! I did a search through our documentation and found this information.

Mounts - allow users to attach local server folders and Amazon S3 buckets to Omniverse and then download or copy files and folders from a mount. New mounts can be created by omniverse user. Declare SUPPORTS_MOUNTS environment variable to enable this feature.

Let me know if that helps!

Hi Wendy. Thanks for reply~ After I read the document, I still don’t know what to do.For example, Where should I put my account password?And I don’t know what the redirection value should be.

Maybe i dont know the redirection means…

Hi @WendyGram , I have the same question about that “mount” in Nucleus, but the link you posted before is not point to the real document now, and I can’t find any percisly information about ‘mount’ in Nucleus’s documents, can you please show us some new details about that?

Hi everyone. This was functionality added for a specific use case and was not intended to be used in this way. We advise not to use S3 mounts at this time.

We are aiming to add more robust “external” mounting functionality in the future. No specific timelines yet, however this is a greatly requested feature from Omniverse users.