How to use mount such as s3 or redirect url in Nucleus

Hi every one. I see the Nucleus can mount . But I don’t know how to use it S3 or redirect url. Can anyone provide some info? Thanks~

Hello @clik_deng! I did a search through our documentation and found this information.

Mounts - allow users to attach local server folders and Amazon S3 buckets to Omniverse and then download or copy files and folders from a mount. New mounts can be created by omniverse user. Declare SUPPORTS_MOUNTS environment variable to enable this feature.
From: 2.3.1 — Omniverse Nucleus documentation

Let me know if that helps!

Hi Wendy. Thanks for reply~ After I read the document, I still don’t know what to do.For example, Where should I put my account password?And I don’t know what the redirection value should be.

Maybe i dont know the redirection means…