how to use NV Hardware pipeline to display output frames on srceen from opencv without using cv::imshow()


I am trying to write a C++ program in my Jetson device which does the following:

  1. Receives video from camera and use nv pipeline converts it to opencv Mat
  2. For each image obtained: Detects and/or tracks a specific object in it and draws a bounding box around the object.
  3. Outputs the images is a MAT with the bounding boxes to a gstreamer pipeline which display the output images (cv::Mat) to screen as the real time video ,not use cv::imshow(),because this function cost too much more CPU

So far, steps 1 and 2 work very well but in step 3 I don’t know how to put it in gstreamer to display on screen.

please help me ,THANKS!

Please confirm which platform you use. We don’t suggest duplicate topics.