How to use "NvVideoEncoder" to encode the "camera data" in real time

Hi, nvidia teams. I have tested “jetson_multimedia_api” sample “01_video_encode” successfully. it can encode a “i420 yuv” file to h.264 format file. this sample’s input source is a file. we want encode the camera data in real time, for example , change the command “/video_encode testi420. yuv 1920 1080 H264 testi420.h264” to
“/video_encode /dev/video0 1920 1080 H264 testi420.h264”
Can “NvVideoEncoder” support it? if it supports, is there any sample?

Please check the sample:


And apply the patch to integrate with hardware encoder:
How to use v4l2 to capture videos in Jetson Orin r35 Jetpack 5.0 and encode them using a hardware encoding chip - #8 by DaneLLL

If your camera is a Bayer camera sensor and use Argus, please check the sample:


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