How to use OmniSurfaceBlend?

I created the “OmniSurfaceBlend” and my understanding is that the two materials can be merged and displayed into the current Mesh through the Alpha map channel.

But I didn’t find any option to merge two materials, and didn’t see any information about it.

I want to use two materials to create some worn or worn effects. I’m not sure if this method works or if there is another way.

Hope this can help answer my doubts.

Hi @fsb0147 - You should be able to find some more info here:

Narrator: He could not, in fact, find some more info here.

I actually figured this out a bit.

You need to introduce the material shader you want to blend into the Material graph. I found this kind of tricky. I ended up adding a glass material and dragging it’s shader into another material graph which parented it under that material. You can see from the screenshot that OmniGlass is now missing its shader and it’s now under TablewareTransparent. Then I brought in a blender and a bitmap mask. Hope this helps!