how to use other sensor gmsl camera

I want to know , how to add a new camera-type through px2 driveworks.
now i add a new camera setting in
but driveworks doesn’t know what i pass to it .

Hello dota2_black,

May I know about your new camera-type sensor information?
Because we support below GMSL cameras on DriveWorks. Thanks.
ov10635, c-ov10640-b1, ov10640-svc210, ov10640-svc212, ar0231, ar0231-rccb,…

I also want to know how to support other cameras, such as AR0132.
I saw there were a folder under VibrantePDK/vibrante-t186ref-linux/samples/nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm/. Are they examples for enabling the supported cameras, such as ar0231 and ar0231-rccb? But I didn’t find the documents how to use these files.
Can you give some advises? Thanks.

in ext_dev_prgm shows that how to work camera. through it , you can work the camera.
but the camera buf is a whole buf (contain 4 camera buf max)
and at the moment, the driveworks must use thirdpart camera method . it means that you must cut img yourself , and begin to
combine two part code ( As far as I am concerned, the nv’s sample code has problem in compile) or a IPC communication between two program ( img_cap in sample && driveworks program).

best wish to you .

the nv control many Peripheral by isc kernel and nvmedia and so on , it is a fuck way ( no source code in nvmedia)

what I think is that : " fuck the nv modify kernel base on ubuntu arm, [b]we can try to use ubuntu arm kernel and get img through v4l2!!!, and we will do is that

  1. trans the nv driver in ubuntu kernel ( nv drive is Independented of ubuntu kernel) it is easy
  2. add drive to support maxim serializer and your camera deserializer ( maxim has the driver . you can get it through Official website (maybe the kernel include it)
  3. try to adapter it to v4l2 ( v4l2 is a generial method to get camera buf , I don’t understand why nv don’t care it )"