How to use PCI slot on Xavier after we successfully compile Xavier brush and cross compile

How to use PCI slot on Xavier after we successfully compile Xavier brush and cross compile。
For example, I use a network card to test whether the PCI slot can be used normally. When I insert the network card, Jetson can detect the PCI insertion, but it can’t connect the network normally through this PCI network card. Can it prove that the PCI slot can’t be used?
What is the correct way to open the PCI slot?

With one exception the PCIe slot is just like any other PCIe slot. The exception is that the connected card must be plugged in and running before the Jetson starts. The only time this matters is when the PCIe card is some specialty hardware which takes its own time to boot, e.g., an FPGA on PCIe might boot slower than the Jetson. During boot, if no card is detected, then power to the slot is turned off. A card such as an ethernet card does not have this issue, but an FPGA which is non-responsive at the moment the Jetson tries to detect the card would cause the bus to shut off power (in which case either the FPGA would need to be booted prior to powering up the Jetson, or the Jetson’s feature to disable an unused PCIe slot would need to be disabled). Don’t expect hot plug to work, always use your PCIe card by connecting it prior to powering up.

In any other way the network card should work as expected, but consider that Ubuntu might not arbitrarily set up new network devices. You might need to use something like “sudo nm-connection-editor” (available via “sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome”) or one of the Ubuntu default tools to tell the system to use that network adapter. The PCIe slot itself has nothing to do with the network setup side (if the card is detected, then PCIe has done its job).

what is the specific error you are getting? what is the output of the command below given PCI network card is connected?

ip addr show