How to use Realsense R200 with ROS on Jetson nano


I can’t build and use realsense_camera(indogo-devel branch).

I installed realsense r200 with librealsense(Legacy branch) and checked running /usr/local/bin/capture-cpp. It was no problem.

Furthermore, I want to use Realsense r200 with ROS because I want to play VisualSLAM(ORB_SLAM2), so I cloned realsense_camera(indigo-devel branch) in catkin_ws/src and build it.
Then two compile error appeared.
And I could’t run r200_nodelet_default.launch.
If you know solution, Please tell me it, anyone.

Actually, I have no money, so I could’t buy Realsense D435,D415,SR300. Therefore, I am using r200.

Hi HayatoTajiri, can you try using ROS Melodic, which is the version typically used on Jetson Nano since the Ubuntu version is 18.04. ROS Indigo is for Ubuntu 14.04.

Thank you for replying.
I understood about Ubuntu version and Ros version.If you know Ros-melodic package for RealsenseR200, tell me it. Thankyou.