how to use sample control for port counters

Hello all

I want to monitoring ports in IB fabric.

I happened to notice in the out of perfquery some counter like a ticks and port sampling. Its will be great for accurate monitoring. But I cant found some info about setup and using sampling controi for IB ports.

How to configure and use sampling contol for IB ports? Can anybody give me documentations/links or examples? I cant found it In Google.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of data collected in this sampling mode?

Thanks for you time

Hi Sophie Naudin

I’m interested in sampling mode. It’s docemented in OFED man “perfqery -c, --smplctl show port samples control”.

As I see it, each device (in this mode) should select tics and information on the sampling mode is set.

I did not find how to turn on this mode and some explain how to use this mode.

in this mode, I would like to collect all available counters of the IB port with time stemp provide by “tick” counter provided directly from the device.

The time stamp form tick counter will allows not depending on time from host which collect counters from IB port .

Sorry for my english

Hi Serge,

We used perfquery to query Infiniband port counters but I am not aware of any documentations that implement sampling control for IB ports.

Which counter specifically were you referring to for “ticks” & “port sampling” from the perfquery output?

Thank you,