How to use scale_npp on a 10 bit video?

Hi team,

We are trying to use ffmpeg scale_npp filter on a 10 bit video. But it seem this is not supported. Kindly suggest how can we process 10 bit video with GPU acceleration.

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Hi @pranaydeep01!

I am not sure if ffmpeg supports encoding or transcoding of 10bit formats using NVIDIA GPU through scale_npp.

You should have a look at the underlying Video Codec SDK and check first, if the codecs you want to use are supported by the GPU you have in your system.

Then you need to instruct the encoder to actually use 10bit encoding (for HVEC), which is detailed in the programming guide.

If ffmpeg does not implement the last part in their transcoding, then you need to use the Video Codec SDK directly to achieve this.

I hope this helps!