How to use Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) in Xavier NX

I’m testing the GPIO function of Xavier NX’s SPE, and the introduction in the documentation confuses me, “Short GPIO pins of the 40 pin header J12 pin 15 and pin 27, this should print out “GPIO input irq triggered” message”, this message where is the output from?

Hello, caiweidon:
The message comes from gpio test program, refer to ./l4t-rt/rt-aux-cpu-demo/app/gpio-app.c for details.
The message will output to debug UART port.
You can check Tegra Combined UART Demuxer at GitHub - NVIDIA/python-jetson: Python utilities for NVIDIA Jetson to get details about debug message demuxer, and SPE is included.


Thank you very much for your answer, your answer is very useful to me.

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