How to use serial port for system configuration?

When flashing a Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem*

On the serial console after reboot comes back to this message:

“Please complete system configuration setup on desktop to proceed…”

Once I was able to go through the “system configuration setup” on the serial terminal with ncurses menus. But I don’t know what I did to trigger the console setup instead of the graphical one.

Does anyone knows how to do force the serial setup instead of the graphical one?

( I have to admit I was using a ConnectTech Rogue carrier with it’s default BSP )

hello fguimond,

assume it’s your 1st flashing.
please plug-in HDMI device and you’ll see ubuntu desktop for configure user accounts.
also, may I know which JetPack release you’re working with?

Hello fguimond,

I think there is a script to skip the initial system configuration setup, as said in the below thread.

Hope This Helps.

Hi @JerryChang,@Sarath-

It looks like you both misunderstood me.

I am not looking to pre-configure the sample root file system, I want to do it from the serial terminal with the ncurses menus.

It exist, I did it once with: Jetpack 4.2.1, CTI-L4T 2.04, Tegra Linux Sample Root File system 32.2.0

It’s just that I don’t know how I got there, and I was wondering if somebody new the procedure to start the ncurses menus.