how to use tegra_multimedia_api/samples/10_camera_recording to record multi camera same time

our use case is that:
we want to record four camera separately, sometimes the four cameras will do recording the same time. sometimes not. when i lunch second camera_recording app will failed when open “nvhost-isp”.
how should i avoid it?


Hi Leopard team,
It always opens the first camera in the sample:

// Create the capture session using the first device and get the core interface.
    UniqueObj<CaptureSession> captureSession(

Do you make it as an option?

no, we want to capture four camera video the same time. but the start time is not same.
for example:
./camera_recording -i0 -d100 ///start capture video 0 for 100s.
./camera_recording -i1 -d100 ///20s later, start capture video 1 for 100s.
//but will failed because we cannot open host-isp twice here.

Hi Leopard team,
Looks like you need to integrate the two samples:


I ran into issues running two cameras at once too. I had to wait until my first camera was streaming before attempting to open the other or it would fail.

Try waiting until you grab the first frame from a camera before continuing to the next one.