How to use tensorflow C++ in JetsonNano?

Hello, I want to use C++ to run '.pb’file generated by python-tensorflow.

But I don’t know how to do it on Jetson Nano, are there some methods to using tensorflow C++ in Nano?


You will see a tensorflow package in sdkmanager. Please install it and try.

Thank you DanaLLL.

I have installed tensorflow in my Nano, and i can train a model with it, but i don’t know how to run my model file in C++.

Emmm… Is there any Tutorial works to do it? TAT


We don’t provide C++ library currently.
The package within sdkmanger is only included python version TensorFlow.
This request is feedback to our internal team and is now under our tracking list.

Currently, you can build the C++ package on your own or use the one shared by the community.
Here is useful topic for your reference: