How to use TensorRT cross compiling

how can i Install the TensorRT cross-compilation Debian packages.
Linux AArch64

  • libnvinfer-dev-cross-aarch64
  • libnvinfer8-cross-aarch64
  • libnvinfer-plugin-dev-cross-aarch64
  • libnvinfer-plugin8-cross-aarch64
  • libnvparsers-dev-cross-aarch64
  • libnvparsers8-cross-aarch64
  • libnvonnxparsers-dev-cross-aarch64
  • libnvonnxparsers8-cross-aarch6

Dear @2061561301,
May I know if you have any issue in compiling samples on target?

I can not find the cross-compilation debian packages.

Dear @2061561301,
These packages are not available seperately to install via apt-get. Please use sdkmanager to flash jetpack to get these lib packages.

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