How to use tensorrt loop to add to tensor?


I just want to learn Loop usage
So, demo code like this
but result is same as input_1, not 10 times addition of input_2

* Use elementwise op to add tensors together, with specific loop count
* C++ code like this
* for (auto i = 0; i < 10; ++i) {
* input_1 += intput_2;
* }

    nvinfer1::Dims input_dims{4, {1, 3, 5, 5}};
    auto input_1 = network.addInput("input_1", nvinfer1::DataType::kFLOAT, input_dims);
    auto input_2 = network.addInput("input_2", nvinfer1::DataType::kFLOAT, input_dims);

    int32_t sequence_size = 10;
    auto loop_count_layer =
        network.addConstant(nvinfer1::Dims{0, {0}},
                            nvinfer1::Weights{nvinfer1::DataType::kINT32, &sequence_size, 1});
    auto loop_count_tensor = loop_count_layer->getOutput(0);

    auto loop = network.addLoop();
    loop->addTripLimit(*loop_count_tensor, nvinfer1::TripLimit::kCOUNT);
    auto rec_layer = loop->addRecurrence(*input_1);
    auto elementwise_layer = network.addElementWise(*rec_layer->getOutput(0), *input_2,
    auto accumulated_values = elementwise_layer->getOutput(0);
    rec_layer->setInput(1, *accumulated_values);
    auto output_layer =
        loop->addLoopOutput(*rec_layer->getOutput(0), nvinfer1::LoopOutput::kLAST_VALUE);

please tell me, what is correct usage?


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Thank you.

Thanks for your reply
I have check this document
following the chapter of loop
just want to replay the demo that document show
ILoop* loop = n.addLoop();

IRecurrenceLayer* iRec = loop->addRecurrence(j);

ITensor* i = iRec->getOutput(0);

ITensor* iNext = addElementWise(*i, *k,


iRec->setInput(1, *iNext);

but it does work

Is there any further suggestion?

Are you still need help on this?

Yes, I still need help to solve this issue
Could you please provide a simple demo code?
how to implement a array accumulation by TensorRT Loop Layer.


Currently, we do not have an exact example to share. We hope the following may help you: If you face any issues, please share with us the minimal issue repro and verbose logs.

Thank you.

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