How to use Tesla K40 through Nvidia P620

I have a Tesla K40 which has no outputs, so im wondering how i can use my Quadro P620 as a passthrough, any ideas?

Hi @user123603 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

What operating system and HW platform are you using? Regardless most modern operating systems today have features to offload rendering to any GP in the system. In Windows you will find this in the NVIDIA control panel, where you can chose the preferred GPU for any app. The actual output does (with exceptions) not matter, data will be passed through the PCIe bus.

You will not be able to use them in an SLI setup though. meaning parallel execution of one app on both GPUs when talking about gaming or similar. For Deep Learning or HPC tasks for which the Tesla card is intended) of course you can share the workloads.

I hope this helps!

Hello, whenever i plug in my K40c it always shows up in device manager with a code 10 error.
Images below are my system specs.