How to use the connector?

I have installed my ScetchUp ver 22.0.354 to other than C: drive.
I have installed ScetchUp connector 108.2.573

Still, here I try to use the connector, and i try to follow instructions but I cannot find anything about omniverse from my ScetchUp program:

@pekka.varis ,

I think there might be installation error, might have to reinstall because the toolbar should pop up or you should see omniverse under extension.

Yes, thanks. I re-installed Scetup to C: drive and I see the connector now:

Here you see a video where I export a sample scene from ScetchUp to View.

Now I want to send the scene to Omniverse Create so I can add my own props and edit the materials.

What I do to make that?

Hi @pekka.varis ,

If you specifically wants to send to create then click that gear icon and you can set the send to create in the settings so that the next time you export it will be send to create but remember to unclick do not use nucleus if you’re using it (I find it better to use nucleus as always but if you’re working totally offline its fine to not use). Actually once the scene has been exported to USD, you can use either Create or View to open the same USD file and that’s the magic of USD file format, so for your case even if the export was send to view, you could have just open up the usd file in create too.