How to use the PCIe port on M.2 ?

I want to use the pcie port on M.2 to extend more USB ports,so I design a board with uPD720202(PCIE to 2-Port USB3.0),but it does not work,I know this port is for some SSD,I want to know whether this pcie can use for uPD720202? And how to configure it?

You can just change the ODMDATA in your p2771-0000.conf.common to 0x90000

Please refer to this wiki page for more detail.

or TX2 adaptation guide -> usb lane mapping.

Thanks for your help! I can find my board now, but can’t creat new xhci port. I think that’s my design error, I forgot add a eeprom for store device firmware, I will check it soon, thanks for your help!