How to use the sound dedicated A9?

We would like to use the Cortex-A9 dedicated for sound processing to do some special processing.
First, is it possible? And if it is possible, are there some samples somewhere? Ideally, we would like to use a Linux on it.
Thanks a lot

Sorry for late response. Please look into System ‘Configuration-Tegra ASoC Driver’ section of development Guide document from download site (L4T documentation). Audio driver stack is based on standard Linux Alsa driver architecture. There is sample audio player and record test inside the document too.

Hi sebastien.maury,

Currently BSP doesn’t support this use case. What’s the specific purpose of using the cpu? Or just want to utilize available HW capacity.

We would like to run a wakeword detector on this cortex A9 instead of the “main processor”

Just a thought…if you are in a power saving mode the A9 core might not be running at all (I don’t know, I just suspect this is the case)…and if you are waking up via audio, then the main core running at reduced speed might be preferable anyway.