how to use the video_codec_sdk in Tx2


I’ve downloaded the sdk file and found that there was a folder called Lib. However, the .so file in Lib is built for x86_64. Now, I want to use the sdk in Tx2. So I have to build the .so file from scratch. I want to know where the source files are ?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your reply. Very helpful !

I’ve tried the above method. I can use omxh264dec in GStreamer now. But the other way, multimedia API is a little bit complex. I’ve got another two questions about multimedia API.

  1. I cannot use the sample in multimedia API to decode rtsp stream. The sample I use is “02_video_dec_cuda”. The version of L4T is 32.1. I notice that this api is based on V4L2. so I guess rtsp is not supported by the multimedia API, am I right ?

  2. The effectiveness produced by multimedia API is higher than that by omxh264dec, am I right ? If I decode the same avi video file, multimedia API is faster, right ?


  1. I suppose you should mux/demux RTSP container to raw H264/H265 (manually (follow RFC3550) or with library (like live555 or ffmpeg)) to use low level API.
  2. GStreamer is easier but sometimes unusable in some scenarios (usually due to latency with excessive buffering).

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