How to use this "gst_element_send_nvevent_new_stream_reset" to reconnect rtsp stream in python

How to use this “gst_element_send_nvevent_new_stream_reset” to reconnect rtsp stream in python

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Hardware —> GPU
Deepstream Version —> 6.1.1
TRT —>8.4

I want to reconnect my RTSP stream if it’s get down after certain time interval.
I show in documentation pyds has ““gst_element_send_nvevent_new_stream_reset”” Function
How to I reconnect the stream with out re-build the pipeline ??

please find rtsp_reconnect_attempts and rtsp-reconnect-interval in Deepstream SDK, it will include RTSP reconnecting logics.

I’m using python as a language … I did not fine any demo code for python to reconnect down stream into the same pipeline !
It will be helpful If you help me out with this !

rtsp_reconnect_attempts, rtsp-reconnect-interval This is have c++ But I did not find anything regarding python ! How I can reconnect any stream Which get down and It’s automatically added after some time interval ! If You can help me with this !

the C rtsp-reconnect mechanism can works fine, currently you might port it to python version.

I know c++ code it’s working But for python How we can do re-connect any down stream
if You give some idea this will better for me ! I’m stuck here !

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please refer to rtspsrc_monitor_probe_func, you need to add a probe function to get buffer 's time, then add a watch_source_status to check if rtsp source is disconnected based on buffer’s time.

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