How to use TX2 4GB module without carrier board?

I don’t want to do anything wrong, as I’m a beginner at this. Can I connect directly to the tx2 module without a backing board by supplying the appropriate voltage to the voltage inputs and using a USB TTL cable?

Do I have to buy a developer kit or carrier board to use the module?

So, can I simply make the circuit with 1xUSB 1xHDMI 1xUART 1xcamera connection in its simplest form? Which chips do I need to use?

Since I could not find a carrier card compatible with the module, I would like you to share information about this issue.

You would have to do a lot of work (with a steep learning curve) to make a carrier board which actually functions. The schematic for the dev kit carrier board is published as a reference design, but it is a lot more complicated than what you described. Unless you’ve build microcontroller boards before I would expect to either use the dev kit, or else a module plus third party carrier board.

You might search for “carrier” in the documents download for TX2:$product,jetson_tx2

Thank you for your answer. Since I can’t find a carrier board for the TX2 (the ones I found are very expensive), I need your knowledge and experience on how to use some functions. I have two options, if possible, to connect usb, uart and power connections directly to the module without a carrier (taking a male connector and making paths to the module with a simple circuit board), the other option is to have the carrier board with open source step files made by companies that produce pcb.

my purpose; making a camera connection and giving information to the outside with 1 uart. Actually, what I want to do is not a complex process, but a very simple direct connection. I can do developer kit existing programming operations in developer kit.

For example, according to the TX2 4GB module document;

POWER pin:
A1, A2
B1, B2
C1, C2
VDD_IN (9-19V)

Will there be a problem if I supply voltage from 3s lipo to the pins specified for power on the 8x50 connector of the module?

UART pin:

In the communication process, if I make a direct tx and rx connection to the G12 and H12 pins of the 8x50 connector of the module, will it work?

Or is a chip required for connections (eg ch340 like USB connection in arduino etc.)?

I couldn’t tell you how to make that work. I think it is far more complicated than it looks. However, what you might consider is starting with the dev kit schematic and sample carrier board, and cutting out parts you don’t need. Even so, I am skeptical that the result will not function as expected since many connections require proper trace layout for the signal to function correctly. I think that if I were to attempt what you are doing that I would fail…I do not know if the direct connections would work or not.

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