How to use UART(five pins) on the TX1.

I’m a newbie.i want to use uart to recive the data from the IMU(it can export data by one wire).How should i set or program.
Thanks in advance.

hello STQ,

here’s good tutorial to communicates with Jetson-TX1.

JerryChang Thank you very much!I’ll study it.thanks

Additional note…you’ll see references to different pins on the serial UART. Often just the ground, transmit, and receive (GND, TX, RX…3 wires). This would imply you are only interested in software flow control. The clear-to-send (CTS) and request-to-send (RTS) complement this if you want hardware flow control (CTS/RTS flow control…5 wires)…useful as speed goes up or wire distances increase (do be sure to at least use twisted pair on any significant wiring distances). In the case of CTS/RTS you connect the CTS of the Jetson to the RTS of the remote end…and vice versa, connect the RTS of Jetson to the CTS of the remote end. Beware that different UARTs are designed for different operating voltages…the default for most of the Jetson UARTs is 3.3V (TTL level). In some cases it may be 1.8V (or have an option to switch to 1.8V).