How to use uart on Xavier NX

What pins should I be connecting the J14 ground, rx, and tx to? Also what will be the name of the port, aka for j17 on the TX2 we use “/dev/ttyTHS2” so what is the xavier nx equivalent for this? Thanks!

hello vatsalmistry4796,

from the hardware side,
please check Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide, you may use J12, 40-pin expansion header, or J14, 12-pin button header, to setup serial communication.

from the software side,
please check kernel init messages, i.e. $ dmesg | grep THS to confirm registered ports.
the default bard-rate settings is 115200/8n1, you may use picocom or minicom utility to communicate with the board.
for example, $ picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSBx