How to use uart with J17 on TX2

I’m currently plugging in my uart to pins 1ground, 4rx, and 5tx. I’m trying to write to a serial port using “/dev/ttyTHS2” as the port. I’m writing to the port but the arduino connected can’t read anything. Am I doing anything wrong?

hello vatsalmistry4796,

J17 port should be normally for serial data communication.
you may check $ dmesg | grep THS for all registered ports, the default baudrate setting is 115200/8n1,
please also check similar discussion thread as see-also, such as Topic 81352.

This is my result for running the command, the base baud appears to be 0. Where should I go from here? Thanks!

hello vatsalmistry4796,

please check Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide, you may refer to [Figure 46. UART Connections].
you may setup the communication, and connect with the device over debugger board using picocom
i.e. $ picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB3

Hi @vatsalmistry4796

Checking this link might help you.

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Also, be sure the voltage levels match. The Jetson would normally use a 3.3V “TTL” logic level. A system using 5V or 1.8V would probably fail.

This was our issue. Thanks!