How to use URDF Importer


I’m trying to import a robot exported from Fusion 360 by the Fusion2URDF export Add-in.

I get some files and folders, but not any .URDF file
Have you an idea on how to convert the export structure to a URDF File I can import in Isaac Sim? (10.6 KB)

Many Thanks

Hi @utilisateur486

You will need to convert the .xacro description file to .urdf as indicated in this external post

For this, you will need to use an existing ROS workspace or create a new one, put the robot_description package in the src folder, build and source the current workspace and then convert the .xacro to .urdf

Assuming yo have the following file tree

  |-- src
         |-- robot_description

Run the following code inside the some_folder folder

# source ROS (change <noetic> according to your ROS disto)
source /opt/ros/noetic/setup.bash
# build and source the ROS workspace
source devel/setup.bash
# convert .xacro to .urdf
cd src/robot_description/urdf/
rosrun xacro xacro robot.xacro > robot.urdf
# check the .urdf (optional)
check_urdf robot.urdf

In case you don’t have ROS installed, this is the generated .urdf file
robot.urdf (3.1 KB)


Many Thanks, for the file.
I didn’t have ROS/ROS2 installed.

I’ve successfully import my Robot, but I have to find now how to animate it now…

Many thanks

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