How to use USB3.1 type A to update the OS

Our design had delete the CYPD4226 and use the USB 3.1 as OEM design page 31;so we want to use this USB to update the OS ,so how to chenge the software?

There is no software change needed for flash port. Recovery mode is triggered by hw.

As this design is ok? but when recovery no respond use this USB. we need control the GPIO33?or not? thanks

our design is this the usb data pins are same with OEM design 31 page

What’s your design of VBUS? Is it connected to GPIO10 thru an inverter?

What is the fuction of GPIO10?We connect the GPIO 22 control the power of VBUS,but can not use GPIO10,because we can see if Xavier as host the GPIO 10 is low,if as device ,the host PC also output 5V power and GPIO10 is low too,so we not use it!We must be use an inverter to connect the GPIO10? or we can connect it to GND?Thanks

Why don’t just follow the reference design in OEM DG? In recovery mode, USB0 is device, GPIO10 is to detect vbus.

But in host mode also can detect VBUS from load Switch,so we think it is not affect?
So now if we can design a circuit to the VBUS as the OEM DG,the USB3.1 can flashing OS?

Just totally follow DG please.

You can try adding circuit on your current design to GPIO10 to verify.

Hi lishuiwang1007,

Did you see NVIDIA recovery device on host when Xavier enter recovery mode? Checked internally, vbus detect is unnecessary in recovery mode, USB0 is default device mode in recovery and should be able to flash.

now it is ok thanks

Can you share how you make it OK? Thanks.

we use the command:sudo reboot --force forced-recovery can flashing the OS,but then use the hardware key also can.


I think what Trumany wants to know is what hardware change you’ve done to your board but not that answer.

Hardware no change,needn’t GPIO10