How to use virtual environment in Omniverse Kit?

Can we use virtual environments for OV Kit?

Hi @farman.ahmed ! Indeed, here is an overview: Kit Overview — Omniverse Nucleus documentation


P.S. The Omniverse documentation site has more info and links to all tutorial videos (under the “Learning and Feedback” category on left nav bar): Omniverse Platform Overview — Omniverse Developer documentation

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Hi @emendizabal,

I did go through the documentation but I could not find exact steps to use Virtual Environment with Kit.

Any other assistance is appreciated.

Hello @farman.ahmed. I found some documentation on how to setup a Virtual Environment from the Python manuals here: venv — Creation of virtual environments — Python 3.10.4 documentation. Let me know if this helps!

Hi @WendyGram,

This documentation is not relevant in case of Omniverse, please let me know if you find something else.