How to verlay custom graphics to output video frames?

I know that you are able to add text/line/rectangle/circle overlay on the frames of the video output in Deepstream, by adding them to Dispaly_Meta. Although, I got some error when trying to add circle overlays: ‘pyds.NvDsDisplayMeta’ object has no attribute ‘num_circles’.

Now the question is: Is it possible to overlay custom graphics, e.g. PNG pictures/icons, as well? If yes, any sample code?
By the way, I do not want to use OpenCV (because, I think it is too much for that).

Suggestions are highly appreciated.

•API: Python
•Hardware Platform: Jetson Xavier NX
•DeepStream Version: 5, DOCKER:
•JetPack: Version 4.4
•TensorRT: Version 7.1.3
•Issue Type: questions

The latest DeepStreamSDK 5.0.1 has already support ‘num_circles’ with pyds.NvDsDisplayMeta, can you upgrade DeepStream to latest version?

Dear @Fiona.Chen
Thank you for your response. I will try DS 5.0.1 later.
But my main question is “how can I overlay some picture on the video output?”.
Is it possible to do that without using packages like OpenCV?

gst-nvdsosd is open source. You can add your own functions or use any 3rd party functions as you like.

Thanks again @Fiona.Chen
I am programming in Python. Is it possible to add custom functions using Python, or do I have to manipulate the C source codes?

Nvdsosd plugin source codes are in C/C++.

Dear @Fiona.Chen
Maybe I should try that.
Thanks for you time.