How to View All Isaac Nodes?

Hi, when launching an Isaac Application that has Sight, I am able to see all active nodes that are sent to Sight as widgets.

Is there an equivalent to rqt_graph from ROS in the Isaac software suite - i.e can I somehow see ALL nodes that are part of the running application(s), all connections (including their names) between nodes/components. I find it difficult to debug what should be connected to what since, often, the ‘wrong’ connections fail silently, they don’t do anything and no message is made obvious regarding that. It feels like I am blindly making connection until I reach something that can be ‘viewed’ in Sight and I am sure my current workflow is not optimal (I only started using Isaac this week) and the guides seem to mainly show ready samples rather than the process of making and debugging them, so any tips would be helpful.

As of Isaac SDK 2021.1 at least, the application graph view in Sight is your only included method for this.