How to wake up TX2 from host Ubuntu

hi There,
i have a requirement to set TX2 into recovery mode, then backup TX2 image, then wake up TX2 to
alive. But i know how to set TX2 into recovery mode and backup TX2 image, but i don’t know how to
wake up TX2 from Ubuntu?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

To clarify, is the Jetson still in recovery mode and you want to trigger a reboot with software? Or are you working on Ubuntu which is in sleep mode? Or are you trying to force reboot into recovery mode from Ubuntu?

Sorry for misunderstanding. My TX2 is in recovery mode, and I want to wake up tx2 from Ubuntu side.

When a flash completes the Jetson will reboot out of recovery mode (a failed flash will not reboot the Jetson). Unfortunately, I do not know of any method to manually tell a recovery mode Jetson to reboot other than a full flash. The fact that a flash ends with a reboot implies the flash software has the ability to do just what you are asking for, but this is at a lower level than anything publicly published.

Would someone at NVIDIA be able to suggest if there is an option in the driver package flash software which might have the ability to force a recovery mode Jetson to reboot to normal operation without any actual flash?


So the request here is to “reboot a device that is already in recovery mode”? Just don’t fully understand the term “wake up” in those comments…

yes, you are correct

Hi Jin.wu

What is your current way to set device to recovery mode?

hi Wayne,
I ssh to TX2 and run cmd “reboot --force forced-recovery”