How to weld seam vertices PhysX cloth...

Hello PhysX gurus!

I’m simulating a cloth mesh in PhysX 3.3.3 and my cloth is literally ‘falling apart at the seams’! :-)

In other words, everywhere in my mesh that has split edges (edges that share different UVs -> verts had to be duplicated to support the dual UV coordinates for proper rendering), the PhysX cloth cooker doesn’t appear to be able to ‘weld’ verts that coincide in the exact same 3D space.

I seem to remember older versions of PhysX were able to ‘weld’ cloth vertices that were withing some user-adjustable tolerance…

I create my cloth mesh the same way as the “Sample Character Cloth” C++ sample which is based on ‘PxClothFabricCreate’ to cook my fabric but I don’t see any flags about ‘welding vertices’ anymore.

Can the latest (aweomse!) PhysX cloth ‘weld’ vertices during cooking? What am I doing wrong?

A million thanks for any hint you can offer! Have been stumped for days!!