How to work with deviceProperties in CUDA Fortran


I would like to extract information from the properties of the device…(the getDeviceProperties), but I find difficult to understand all the data that comes along.
Specifically I want the number of SMs, the WARP_SIZE (in case changes in the future), compute capability and so on…

Thanks a lot,

Never mind…found it!
Sorry for the incoviniece…
For those looking for the info:
number of sms = prop%multiProcessorCount
compute capability = prop%major and prop%minor
etc etc…

If you look in the cuda/CUDA-Fortran-SDK/ directory installed with your compiler, you should see deviceQuery.cuf. That is the file I look at when I need to figure out how to get something from cudaGetDeviceProperties. I’m not sure if it’s absolutely current for Kepler era cards (CC 3.x), but it’s probably pretty simple to fix–nCoresPerMP, for example–for your own cases.

I’m fairly certain it’s code like this that gets the output for pgaccelinfo.