How to works the SR-IOV split on the ConnectX card?

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How to works the SR-IOV on the ConnectX-3 card?

The performance division is equal for the all vifs? A vif does not interferes with the other vifs?

For example, I have one ConnectX-3 40Gbps card and on driver configuration, I splited in 24 VFS but on Linux I configured only 4 vifs. This is right?

If I split in 4 vifs, is splited in parts equals of 10Gbps?

I am having a iSCSI problem and I dont find a solution yet…

Below is a print of the configuration.

By configuring 4 VFs to each port (8 VFs for the two dual-port nic) it means that each VF shares one or more physical resources of the physical-device, such as a memory & a network port, with the PF and the other VFs on the device. so basically, if all VFs are in Active, then you will have more or less equal performance on each and one of the VFs

NO. A vf does not interfere with the other vf for the reason I said above (sharing resources…)

If you created 4 VFs per 10GBp/s port it is indeed sharing “equal parts” of 10Gbps (assuming all are active)