How to write 2 Mac address in the EEPROM

I am developing an OrinNX product with 2 LAN ports.
I want to store the MAC addresses of these 2 LAN ports in the EEP ROM. But according to nVidia’s documentation, there is only one MAC address assigned in the EEP ROM.
Where should I write the second MAC address?

nVidia’s document


It is not able to do that in eeprom. Eeprom can only store one MAC address.

Device tree can add extra mac address.

  1. In the dts, we can set the nvidia,mac-addr-idx to choose which ‘nvidia,ether-macx’ be used, please make sure it isn’t identical to ‘nvidia,ether-mac’
ethernet@6810000 {
nvidia,mac-addr-idx = <0x00>;

+               nvidia,ether-mac8 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:24";
+               nvidia,ether-mac6 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:22";
+               nvidia,ether-mac4 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:20";
+               nvidia,ether-mac2 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:1E";
+               nvidia,ether-mac0 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:1C";
+               nvidia,ether-mac9 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:25";
+               nvidia,ether-mac7 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:23";
+               nvidia,ether-mac5 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:21";
+               nvidia,ether-mac = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:1C";
+               nvidia,ether-mac3 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:1F";
+               nvidia,ether-mac1 = "48:B0:2D:68:C9:1D";
  1. For the ethernet@2310000 use the nvidia,ether-mac

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