How to write CAN filter parameters in Rig file?


I’m writing can filter parameters into Rig file.
I have seen the CAN Bus Message Logger Sample.

./sample_canbus_logger --driver=[can.virtual|can.socket|can.aurix]

But it didn’t work in rig file. I wrote like this.

"parameter": "device=can0,file-buffer-size=8192",
"properties": null,
"protocol": "can.socket"

And I couldn’d find the format for CAN filter in “Rig File Format” Page.
What’s the correct format for CAN filter?


Dear Matsu_Cho,

If the Rig File Format you mentioned is EasyCanConfigFile.conf, the file is in <PDK_install_dir>/drive-t186ref-linux/samples/easycan on your hostPC. Thanks.

Thanks for your replying.

But I’m sorry I meant the .json file, not .conf file.

The .json file format I referred is this link.
\NVIDIA_DRIVE_SW_9.0_References\DRIVE_Software\DRIVE AV\baggage\rigconfiguration_usecase0.html

Dear Matsu_Cho,

Unfortunately there is no rig support for it, the filter has to be set through the special dwSensorCAN_setMessageFilter function as shown in the sample : /usr/local/driveworks-2.0/samples/src/sensors/canbus/logger
Could you please refer to the sample for this topic? Thanks.