How Tonemap Curve Works in Lib Argus

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In libargus, there is getToneMapCurve and setToneMapCurve function. We want to use them and define a tonemap curve for DOL HDR. In other words, we want to define a tonemap curve for DOL HDR. The function takes 129 floats. What do these numbers mean? How should we set them? Is there any sample 129 float values? Finally, are tonemap curve values change according to scene?

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Have check this topic for reference.

which topic?

Update the topic in original comment.

BTW for the HDR tonemap tuning I would suggest to consult with camera partner.

However, I couldn’t get any answer about these 129 float numbers. What do they mean? When I plot the points in array that you mentioned, I get gamma correction curve like x^2.4. But, tonemap curve and gamma correction curve is different btw. I’m asking the question again, what do these 129 float numbers mean?

ahmet, sorry this has nothing to do with your thread. I just wanted to contact you. you developed a multi exposure fusion hdr algorithm with the imx477, right? I would be interested, do you have the time?

Have a reference to below document for it.

sample.xlsx (23.7 KB)

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