How two install cudnn v6.0 on TX1!

I want to build nvcaffe 0.16 on TX1,however it tells v0.16 doesn’t support cudnnv5,how can i update cudnn to v6?
Thank you!


CuDNN v6.0 for aarch64 is not available yet.
Please wait for our next JetPack release.



Thanks for you reply, is there a planing time for next JetPack release?


We can’t disclose our detail schedule.
Please wait for our announcement.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thaks for you reply.


cuDNNv6 is available for Jetson now.
Please check


Is it possible to have a link to download cuDNNv6 for aarch64 separately ?
I can’t see it in the cuDNN download page, and I need to update my Jetson TX2 installed with Jetpack 3.0, without having to reinstall everything with 3.1.


Hi Cyril_J,

Please check this comment:


If anyone else comes across this, it is possible to install cudnn or cuda using jetpack without completely reflashing your jetson.

Simply run Jetpack on the host computer and only select cudnn, cuda or other packages underneath ‘Install on Target’. Make sure none of the L4T stuff is selected.

Then Jetpack will only install those deb packages you selected via ethernet (not using the usb recovery mode catastrophe)

Dunno if this will help anyone but I found nvidias documentation pathetic.