How would one go about running multiple headless instances of Isaac Sim using docker?

I successfully ran the first container and could connect to it remotely. I then tried changing the ports with the second call to spin up a container, but it looks like the ports specified in the tutorial are still being used even by the 2nd container. How do I get the second container to use the new set of ports?
Call for first container

docker run --gpus all -e "ACCEPT_EULA=Y" -e "OMNI_USER=dockeruser" -e "OMNI_PASS=dockeruser" --rm --network=host -p 47995-48012:47995-48012/udp -p 47995-48012:47995-48012/tcp -p 49000-49007:49000-49007/tcp -p 49000-49007:49000-49007/udp

Call to second container

`docker run --gpus all -e "ACCEPT_EULA=Y" --rm -p 37995:37995/udp -p 37995:37995/tcp -p 38012:38012/tcp -p 38012:38012/udp`

Hi, if you have the first container using these mapped ports


You should use something like this for the second container. to map the same ports to a different host port.


However, the Kit remote client can only map to that fixed ports and only to one instance at a time. You will need to do workaround to get the ports changed on the Kit Remote too. See this post.

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