Howto build library in deviceemu

I’m building a library name GPURaytracer.a and for testing i want to build it also in deviceemu how can I do that? I have a GPURaytracer.C that is calling the which has a wrapper class for the kernel invocation.

Am I doing something wrong? because when I give the nvcc the option -deviceemu I don’t get any errors of whatsoever but it is also not showing my printf() statements.


Perform a “make clean” (or remove all intermediate files) and build the whole project from scratch with -deviceemu. My project fails to switch between the two on occasion when I compile in a directory where I recently compiled it in the other mode. But then, my problem might be related to CMake and not nvcc.

I already did a “make clean” but still nothing happens. Maybe its because of the combination between .C and .cu files. The problem I have is that all the files have a common makefile which is so enormous that i kind of lost track :) and I really don’t know where its going wrong