Howto configure DSI frequency

Our custom board has a custom DSI interface.
screen size is 720*576 ,pixel format is 16bpp,refresh rate is 25hz.
I modify panel-s-wuxga-8-0.dtsi like this:

  • clock-frequency=<24235200>; hactive=<720>; vactive=<512>; hfront-porch=<100>; hback-porch=<900>; hsync-len=<8>; vfront-porch=<10>; vback-porch=<30>; vsync-len=<9>; nvidia,h-ref-to-sync=<1>; nvidia,v-ref-to-sync=<1>;
  • i calculate mipi dsi clk is 48470400hz,but i Using oscilloscope to test clkp/n pin is 24.2mhz. why is it? How to calculate mipi dsi clk .

    The dsi is differential clock (DDR clock) so …