Howto disable/enable USB p[orts on NX programmatically?

Could you provide working sequence, please?
For powering down / powering up NX USB ports, please?
The nano elinux solution fails throwing error about identifier of usb port

ref thread :

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Hi Andrey1984,

This cannot be controlled by regulator because this on board hub is directly connected to the power line.

There is no regulator for it.

Hi @WayneWWW,
Thank you for following up!
Previously it was pointed out that NX should work in a similar manner as nano


However, as I tried to implement the same scenario proposed for nano it failed.

so the question is if the nano solution is applicable at all , if so - which exactly modifications will be required? Otherwise, could you confirm that the mentioned solution is not applicable due to absence regulator/hub structure/something else?


For nano, if you are using carrier board after b00 series, then it cannot be configured either.

This is related to hardware design but not software configuration.

Thank you for letting me know!