Howto edit /boot when Jetson is off?

in case where I build a corrupt zImage with total failure to boot,

how to restore arc zImage?

ie is there a way to read, copy and edit eMMC when Jetson is cold?


or emergency recovery of data,
cf oDroid has removable emmc card

I think u-boot should be able to read a new zImage from SD card and maybe trough the network.

Generally speaking you should always have the original kernel in the u-boot menu, so if the new default kernel doesn’t boot, you can easily interrupt the boot process over serial cable and select the other kernel.

Like kulve said, if you have u-boot there might be a way. Go to the u-boot prompt under serial console and run the “help” command. Otherwise you’d have to use a JTAG debugger with download ability…currently I do not know of any available for Jetson (OpenOCD does not work with Jetson).