Howto force sdk-manager to install 4.6 instead of 5.0

sdkmanager 1.8.10363
using a customized board (avermedia nx211b) i need to stay with jetpack 4.6.x and not use jetpack 5.x. furthermore i do not want to flash my board, because that led to incompatibilities with my sd-card (reader).
how do in force sdkmanager to install 4.6 instead of 5.x? i did not find any way to select an older version.
do i have to download a different version of the sdkmanager…deb?

What do you see on your sdkmanager?

Hi Benutzer2975,

Please run below command to install old version JetPack:
$ sdkmanager --archivedversions

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solved. the problem was due to the version of ubuntu.
(thought, --archivedversions (1) would do the trick, but it didn’t)

  • ubuntu-20 only has 5.0 as a choice
  • ubuntu-18 has 4.6 (and others via (1) as a choice

thanks to all repliers for your help

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