[HowTo]Getting Started with Jetson TK1

I wrote a small guide for Jetson TK1 beginners.
Please tell me if you find some errors.

Nice guide :-)

In http://demotomohiro.github.io/hardware/jetson_tk1/setup/remote.html, you mention that you aren’t sure how to access the Jetson TK1 as “tegra-ubuntu” instead of as an IP address. This is what works for me (on a Debian KDE desktop):

Install dnsmasq (“sudo apt-get install dnsmasq”) then add the address & hostname to the hosts file in your /etc folder:   tegra-ubuntu

It should instantly start allowing you to use “tegra-ubuntu” instead of the IP address after this (such as “ssh ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu”). Unfortunately, if the address of the Jetson changes often by your router, then you will need to find out the new IP and modify the hosts file each time. But overall it works pretty well :-)

Thank you!
It worked in my Linux.
I will add about it to my guide later.

Hi, pls I am a jetson tk1 novice, I don’t how to go about "then add the address & hostname to the hosts file in your /etc folder:   tegra-ubuntu

I tried it but it’s not working.
I am actually using ubuntu as a guest machine on virtual box. I can see nvidia corp in the Usb device option and I clicked on it, so it’s connected. Also I am having issues with getting the ipaddress, when I use IFCONFIG, it shows, everything just seems muddled up.

Hi Adefunke,

I added more detail to the wiki page http://elinux.org/Jetson/Remote_Access#To_permanently_set_a_name_for_the_device_on_a_Linux_host_PC.
It works for me in Debian KDE and other Linux systems, but I don’t know much about networking so I can’t help you if it doesn’t work for you, sorry.

If you get it working, you’ll be able to run the commands shown in the section http://elinux.org/Jetson/Remote_Access#Accessing_the_device_from_your_PC