HPC Apps on Jetson Nano?

I just received my Jetson Nano, and I’m trying out some basic machine learning tasks on it. In addition to ML, though, I’m also interested in the Jetson Nano as a low-cost platform for HPC apps in education. For instance, I’m interested in having students be able to run GPU-accelerated versions of computational chemistry software such as GAMESS on the Jetson Nano. So, given this, I have two questions:

  • Is there a repository for precompiled versions of HPC apps for the Jetson Nano, like there is for Nvidia’s more traditional platforms?
  • If anyone on this forum has had success compiling some of these HPC apps for the Jetson Nano, could you share how you did it?

Many thanks in advance for all help.


Sorry that we don’t have official resource for that.
But since Nano is an ARM system, you can check this page for some information: